About our company Cerise Tea

Cerise : (noun). cherry

Cherry tea = charity

Welcome to Cerise Tea. At Cerise Tea, our mission is to produce stylish clothes but at the same time make a huge difference in the world!

Our mission : create a company that weighed in equally on fashion and charity. We currently donate to the American Cancer Society!

About the founder

Hi! It's the founder here.This is my chance to let you all hear what my "voice" sounds like and feel like I am talking to you personally, which I hope to do someday! 

For me, it always was fashion that interested me. I remember at 10 years old I contacted retailers and new stores through email and asked them if I could work with them ! Pretty ambitious of a 10 year old to want to design clothing and jewelry for brands, if you ask me, but I always got lots of great feedback from people. It has always been my dream to be involved in the fashion industry.


I always feel this need to help others and give back. Giving back truly makes me happy, and that's what I hope you all will feel when you read this and when you make a purchase in our store. Yes, I said " our store". Not my store, because essentially, all of you contribute to it in one way or another, just by checking us out, purchasing, offering to model for us, anything you do related to us.

I hope this website is more than a website to you. 

I bolded it because it is important. I want this to be a source of inspiration, a source of joy, a source where you can interact with other people that want to make a change, just like you!