Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do!

How much does shipping cost?

We have a whole page dedicated to shipping! Please click here for all the rates, thanks ! 

Oh no ! I entered my address wrong! What do I do ?

Please contact us with the correct address and include your name, order number, etc. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to change the destination of the package, because it may already be shipped out. However, we will try our best to accommodate you!


Do you accept Paypal or cc?

At the moment, we do not accept Paypal or cc. We accept all major credit and debit cards through secure checkout run by Stripe. 

Why do you recommend that customers do not use UNREGISTERED prepaid gift cards?

There is a chance that your card will not be accepted by our secure checkout run by Stripe. It is much easier and more efficient to use a major credit or debit card.


When will I get my order confirmation ? I didn't receive an order confirmation after I made a purchase!

You should receive an order confirmation IMMEDIATELY after you make a purchase. You may have made a mistake in your email - if this happens, please contact us with as many details as possible. Include your name, address, contents of the order, etc. 

When will my package arrive? I ordered yesterday!

Please allow 1-3 business days for us to complete your order. After we ship our your package, we have no control over the speed. If you're worried that our package still hasn't arrived, please let us know and give us as much information as possible, such as your name, order number, and shipping address. 

I got a shipping confirmation email, but my package still hasn't arrived! 

We cannot control the speed of your package after we ship it. However, make sure that all the information you provided us if correct, such as your house / apartment number, your street, zip code, etc. If you realize that you have made a mistake, please contact us ASAP so we can assist you. 

I got emailed my tracking number today, but when I click it, it doesn't work! Did you send me an incorrect tracking number? Help!

When you first get your tracking number, it may not have been processed by the post office yet. Please be patient and wait 1-3 business days for it to register. It should work after that! 


I emailed you / submitted a question today - how come I haven't gotten a response back ?

Please be patient ! We respond personally to our emails, and receive many every day ,so it may take us a few days to get back to you.

Also, before you submit a question / contact us, please make sure you've entered YOUR CORRECT EMAIL so that we can get back to you ! We can't email you back if you don't provide us with an address :) 


I really want an item, but it says sold out ! When will it be back in stock ?

We try our best to restock as many items as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that it will be back any time soon.

You can contact us and let us know that you want it, and if we restock it, we will try to get back to you !

You used to sell an item, but I can't find it anywhere ? Where did it go !

Unfortunately, the item may be sold out. However, you can contact us and ask us whether we have any stock left, and we will try to get back to you with more information 1

What size are your clothes ?

We include the dimensions of our products in the product description. You can also check our tops sizing and our bottoms sizing for more information.

Which products of yours are from your American Apparel Line ?

We have a section just for our authentic and licensed American Apparel clothing. Click here to check it out !


I want to be featured on Cerise Tea's website. How do I do this ?

Easy ! Just post a photo of our purchase on Instagram and tag our handle @ceriseteaclothing in your picture. We will repost your photo under our featured page, just like that !

Do you have a physical storefront ?

Unfortunately, we don't have one at the moment. We are online based only !

How long have you been open ?

We opened on May 1, 2014. 

Where are you located ?


I want to know when you update your website with new stuff - can I subscribe ?

Of course ! Click here to subscribe to our mailing list, and we will let you know about special sales, new arrivals, and more !